Plan for a Financially Successful Divorce

Divorce Planning Solutions LLC     


Wherever you are in the process of divorcing, we can help you:

     - Considering divorce, or just fighting about money?
     - Trying to decide next steps?
     - Searching for advisors who can help you begin or continue a divorce?
     - In the thick of it – trying to determine best and viable settlement options?
     - Or, after divorce, are you or your family facing changes – housing, employment, etc? 

Our services help you...

     • Gather and organize your financial information

     • Understand what you and your family own, owe, spend and earn

     • Analyze historical lifestyle and current needs

     • Develop realistic budgets for now and the future

     • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of various settlement proposals

     • Address financial planning for college

     • Review insurance, tax and estate planning financial issues

     • Continue planning for retirement

     • Prepare statements of net worth, financial affidavits and cash flow

     • Anticipate and work on post-divorce implementation issues

There is so much to try to keep track of during divorce - it can be overwhelming and daunting. Let us come alongside and be another set of hands to help.